Team Building Activities

Here at Kinkell Byre there are a number of different options for Team Building activities to suit any type of participants.

Whether it is a group of young and adventurous employees or the senior executive, here at Kinkell Byre we have an activity that would suit any type of event.


  • Water Bombs

    A great finale with a predictable ending!

  • Haggis Rolling at Whisky Bottle

    Get it to touch the bottle without knocking it over to win a dram!

  • Bale Rolling

    Roll a bale round a course against the clock

  • Tossing the Caber

    Try your hand at perhaps the most well know highland games event – tossing the caber. Professional instruction & appropriate sized cabers.

  • Welly Throwing

    Welly throwing into a whisky barrel (an empty one!)

  • More Water Bombs!

    Get the water bombs as far as you can

  • Shotput

    The predecessor to the shot, a 20-26lb stone

  • Professional Caber Toss

    Professional Caber tosser in action

  • And the Caber goes flying!

    Off it goes!


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