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Real Wedding – Leanne and Jeff Wood

Wedding Date – 28 October 2017

“Immediately after seeing Kinkell we cancelled the other viewings and booked! It was perfect”

Tell us a little bit about planning your wedding? What inspired you to pick all the things that you did and what was most important to you both?

I’m from Newcastle, and had always thought I’d get married there, but the most important thing for both of us was to have a humanist wedding, so Scotland it was! We both agreed we didn’t want a typical wedding, and we loved the look of the barn weddings we had seen. We arranged to see a number of different venues, Kinkell being the first – immediately after seeing Kinkell we cancelled the other viewings and booked! It was perfect, as we both wanted a wedding that was personal to us, and the Byre was essentially a blank space for us to fill as we wanted. We also were quite set that we didn’t want a formal meal, so the BBQ option from our caterers was perfect.

What did you both enjoy planning?

I loved planning the more personal aspects of the day, we made a lot of our own decorations, hangover kit favour bags, and flavoured shots for guests, I’m lucky to have some amazing friends who got roped into helping. Jeff planned the catering side of things and the music, spreadsheets and technical drawings galore!  

Tell us about your day?

We got married in October, and we were so lucky that the weather was a beautiful clear day (with the odd gust of wind!) – looking out the window to see the view of the famous golf course in the morning really set the tone for the rest of the day!

Our amazing bridesmaids and ushers had helped set up the venue the day before, while we went to collect our marriage licence, and I can’t thank them enough, as it meant the morning of the wedding was completely relaxed.

It was a Scottish/English wedding, we had tried hard to reflect that through the day, from the ceremony, the personalisation of the venue, the speeches, the cocktails, even down to the props used in the photobooth! I loved that we were able to have so much of ourselves, our family and friends incorporated throughout the day!

The day flowed so smoothly, I’m a total control freak, and I never even had to think about anything – Sam from Kinkell and Stevie from iLight were outstanding, and we can’t thank them enough. Our photos from the various spots around the Byre are amazing – we barely walked anywhere, but the versatility of the surroundings made it look like we were at about 6 different locations!  

The speeches were my favourite part of the day – I had no idea what to expect, and they were just brilliant, they still make me laugh watching them back.

After dinner, we let our hair down, hit the bar hard and partied the night away with our favourite people.

What made it so special?

Our friends and family making such a brilliant effort to share our day with us – we didn’t make it easy for them, as we were asking everyone to travel to St Andrews from Glasgow, Newcastle, and further. They all were just amazing, and made our wedding day as memorable as it was. They also were very obliging to follow the lead of a very drunken bride and groom! We had put so much effort into the planning, we wanted it to feel really personal to us, and everything paid off on the day, with everything going just as planned, thanks to our wonderful suppliers.

What advice do you have for other couples planning their wedding?

Don’t get caught up in what other people want – its your day, and you’ll remember it for the rest of your life. Go with suppliers you actually like as people – you’ll be speaking to them a lot, and you need to be able to trust them. Go with your gut feelings and if you can, pay as you go along – it felt so good to be able to have things paid off well in advance of the wedding. Also, if you can, get a videographer! It was one of the last things we did, but it was honestly the best decision – there was so much of the day that we either couldn’t remember or missed, and we got to see it all on the video – worth every penny.  

How is married life treating you?

After saving hard for 2 years to pay for our wedding and becoming hermits, the past year has been a blur of making up for it. Married life is exactly what we wanted it to be – not much changed, apart from my name!  We have completely enjoyed our new ‘official’ life together, and we plan to continue doing so.

Photographer – PJ Phillips Photography

Supplier shout outs – Chris Kelly Films, Gourlay Catering, The Kicks wedding band, The flower house, Event Bars St Andrews and i-light.

Posted: 20.02.19

Cater Hire at Kinkell Byre

Now Available to hire directly from Kinkell Byre

Tables, Chairs and Chesterfield Sofas now available to hire directly from Kinkell Byre. 

At Kinkell we have always been first and foremost a hire venue but we are now looking to offer more support to couples getting married in the Byre. As a result we have made a few changes to the business so that we are now offering more of a service rather than a simple hire. This includes our support before, during and after your event.

Making it easier for you 

So that we can offer the best possible value to our couples and ensure that our events run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we have decided to offer wedding furniture for hire. We believe that this will make it easier and more convenient to organise weddings at Kinkell while we remain committed to always giving our couples the freedom to choose whatever they want from any suppliers. We are also looking to expand the range of furniture that will be available at Kinkell, adding some extra attractive options, such as wooden cross back chairs and Chesterfield sofas, which we think will really paint the Byre in the best light possible.

Due to the relatively short lifespan and maintenance requirements of cater hire equipment, we will need to charge for the hire of furniture, but we can do this at extra low prices with no deposits and no handling charges, which we think offers amazing value to our customers. 


You can hire:

Chesterfield Sofas – A timeless classic handcrafted in the UK, three-seater Chesterfield sofa in brown leather. With its double-buttoned front border, hand-tacked studding and individual seat cushions, this is more than just a place to sit for your guests it will contribute to the decor of the bar area and compliments the rustic surrounding.

Overall Dimensions: Width 189 cm, Height 67 cm, Depth 92 cm and we have 6 available to hire. 

Chivari Chairs – This is the most popular choice of chairs for the meal and ceremony here at Kinkell Byre and most barn wedding venues.  A wooden lime wash chair with ivory seat pad. 
Coloured seat pad covers are available to hire from Gordon’s Cater Hire if you wish for them to tie in with your theme and colours. 

Wooden Cross Back Chairs – Give the venue a warm rustic feel with the new solid oak cross back chair. Comfortable and sturdy as well as looking very stylish. Luxury linen tie on seat pads are also available to hire to add extra comfort for your guests.  

Round Tables – These are standard folding banqueting tables and we will have two sizes available, 5 foot which will seat 8 people per table or 6 foot which will seat 10 people.
Our Round tables do require linen and this can be hired from most caterers and a large selection of coloured linen can be hired from Gordon’s Cater Hire or 88 Events.

Rectangular Tables – Wooden folding banqueting table which are available in two sizes; 6 foot by 3 foot and 6 foot by 2.6 foot.
The 6 foot by 3 foot are the perfect size for long dining tables. Up to 6 people can fit at this table and there is plenty room in the centre of the table for décor or sharing platters.
The 6 foot by 2.6 foot are narrower which is perfect for a traditional top table, drinks reception tables or gift/decorative tables.

How to book 

To book furniture directly from Kinkell Byre simply email us and we will add it to your booking. There is no deposit required and changes can be made to your order up to 4 weeks before when payment will be due. 

For prices, availability or if you have any questions please just email , we are always happy to help.


Posted: 06.02.19

Burns Night at Kinkell Byre 2019

A night of songs, poems, dancing and feasting.

Join us on Sunday 27th January in celebrating Scotland’s famous bard in the beautiful, cliff-top surroundings of the Kinkell Byre. With fabulous food, flowing drink, beautiful music and a good old-fashioned ceilidh, this will be a Burns Night to remember.

Acts will include celebrated folk singer Robyn Stapleton, winner of BBC Radio Scotland’s Young Traditional Musician of the Year Continue Reading…

Posted: 05.12.18

Real Life Wedding – Graeme & Kelly Stirling 

Wedding Date – 17th August 2017


“We are absolutely delighted with our wedding day and all that Kinkell Byre had to offer us!”


Tell us a little bit about planning your wedding? 

It was really important to us to have a rustic wedding; that was more about us as a couple celebrating the love we have for one another, along with our friends and family. The feel of the day was more important than the decor and fancy frocks! Graeme is a farmer and Kelly rides horses so Kinkell Byre seemed like such a perfect representation of our lives.

What did you both enjoy planning?

Kelly enjoyed it more than Graeme!! Loved getting into all the small details, making our own favours, centrepieces, menus and flower arrangements.  

Tell us about your day?

The day was magical, so personal to us. We loved every moment and our guests thought it was simply amazing, they spoke about it for weeks. 

What made it so special?

It was special for us to be surrounded by so much love coming from all our nearest and dearest. 

What advice do you have for other couples planning their wedding?

Do what makes you happy! You will never get the special time back so enjoy planning everything and embrace the moments of the day. 

How is married life treating you?

In terms of day to day life, its really just the same as before but we wear rings! However, there is a deeper gratitude now that we have committed our lives to one another. 

Photographer – Caroline Trotter

Supplier shout outs – Gourlay (Catering), Utopia Scotland (wedding Coord), Sugar Honey (Band), Event Bars St Andrews, Woods Coaches (Cars), Strawberry Films (Videographer), Dorothy Nowark (Humanist)

Posted: 25.10.18

Real Life Wedding – Amy & Frazer

Wedding Date – 23rd June 2018

Tell us a little bit about planning your wedding? 

When we got engaged, we both agreed we were in no hurry to get married too quickly, as having just bought our first flat together we were still working on renovations and wanted to take our time to make our wedding exactly how we wanted it.

Our only initial thoughts were that we wanted something that we could make unique and customise to match what we believed was a reflection of us as a couple. Continue Reading…

Posted: 12.10.18

Your Ceremony Options at Kinkell Byre

We have a fantastic choice of on-site locations for your unique ceremony. Inside and outside!

Here at Kinkell we have 3 indoor and 3 outdoor locations for your ceremony. 

Indoor locations at Kinkell Byre:

Indoor Location 1.  Our most popular Ceremony option is in the “Tattie Shed”. This shed that was added to the Byre in more recent years for storing potatoes in the winter. This is why this part of the building looks different to the rest of the Byre and has very little natural light. 
The Tattie shed is a large square room with red brick walls and a tin roof. However, it is also home to the custom-built starlight canopy, which Kinkell is well known for. This beautiful lighting canopy was built by Stephen Leslie of i-light to create a striking focal point in what originally was a very industrial looking shed. Continue Reading…

Posted: 01.10.18

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