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2020 & 2021 Wedding Venue Bookings for 2019 prices

When you book by January 31st 2018

If you are looking for the perfect barn wedding venue, then allow us to introduce you to the Kinkell Byre, St. Andrews.

And as we head towards the end of the year, any 2020 or 2021 bookings made by January 31st 2018 will be honoured at the 2019 prices.

To find out more about our prices, please request our new brochure.

Booking the venue is a great way to kick start your wedding planning, using it as a base for all your other choices! And here are our top reasons for booking early…


Top 5 Reasons to Book your Wedding Venue Early

  1. 1. Get your perfect wedding date

    The earlier you book, the greater the chance that the perfect wedding date for you and your partner is still available. Don’t let other early birds limit your options

  2. 2. Take the stress out of wedding planning

    Planning a wedding can be rather stressful, especially if done in a short space of time. By booking your venue and date well in advance, you will then be able to plan everything else at a more relaxed pace without time pressure kicking in!

  3. 3. Spread the cost

    The average wedding in Scotland was reported to cost £26,544 in 2017 by the Huffington Post and this price will only increase in the years to come. Spreading the cost of your wedding over at least two years will be a big help towards reducing the financial stress on everyone involved, and may even mean you can squeeze in more later on

  4. 4. You can get what you want

    Getting your wedding venue booked early has a knock-on effect on the wedding planning, because it means you can start booking in wedding suppliers for your chosen date, and securing your favourites for the big day! Some Bands are booking up three years in advance, meaning some couples are booking their wedding band before even setting a date. Our advice would be, decide on the most important, non-negotiable part of your wedding (like your favourite wedding barn in St Andrews?), and get that booked in ASAP, then pick everything else based on their availability for your chosen date and how close they are to your ideal wedding vision.

  5. 5. Make it your own 

    By booking well in advance, all those Pinterest DIY wedding decorations are more likely to become a reality… With plenty of time on your hands, you could start creating unique little touches for your wedding a little bit at a time, so it stays enjoyable and you don’t succumb to the dreaded time crunch. There’s just no time to include these wonderful little things when there’s a ticking clock hanging over your head.


We still have some viewings for Kinkell Byre available in December 2017 and January 2018, so please get in touch and book in to see our beautiful and unique barn. Could your perfect wedding be here?

Posted: 12.12.17

Scottish Wedding Traditions for your Ceremony

Over the years, many wedding traditions have been left out and now most are completely forgotten or unknown...

Enjoy a traditional scottish wedding at the Kinkell Byre, nestled in the St Andrews countryside in rural Fife.

However, like all trends, we tend to see them back in fashion again at some point and we are seeing lots more Scottish wedding traditions becoming the ‘in thing’ again.

So… here are some of Scotland’s most well-known wedding traditions for you to consider incorporating into your big day.

  1. 1. The Kilt

    This tradition hasn’t actually gone anywhere, as it’s the most popular attire for the groom and groomsmen here in Scotland. We certainly see most of our grooms at Kinkell Byre in kilts. Anyone with some knowledge of Scottish history, or those who have been watching the well-known series Outlander, may already know a little kilt history… The kilt dates back to the late 16th and early 17th centurys where highland men wore kilts daily to represent the clan or family they belonged to, like modern day Football shirts.

    However, in 1746 the kilt was banned after the Scottish lost the Battle of Culloden and it was nearly 40 years before the ban was lifted. It was then that the tradition formed for Scottish men to wear a kilt to formal engagements. To this date, it is very rare to attend a wedding or formal event in Scotland without seeing many men in kilts.

    Nowadays, kilts would normally be in your ‘clan’ tartan with matching flashes, a white shirt, and kilt jacket of your choice with matching waistcoat, wool socks and tie. If you don’t have a clan tartan, you could always go for a district tartan, national tartan, fashion tartan, or any other number of versions; check out the Visit Scotland Tartan Guide for help. You would then accessorise with a sporran (a pouch to make up for the lack of pockets on a kilt), kilt pin, cufflinks and a sgian dubh (a small knife that sits in the mans sock). We see a lot of grooms at the moment making the traditional kilt outfit a little more modern by wearing a tweed or suit jacket set, and some grooms go for a more traditional look by adding a ‘plaid’, which is a piece of tartan of varying length options which is pinned over the grooms shoulder.

    Many years ago it was a standard wedding tradition in Scotland for the bride to buy the groom his shirt for the wedding, and for the groom to buy the bride’s wedding dress. However, today it’s more common to hear that the bride’s parents buy the wedding dress and the groom is left to sort his own shirt!

  2. 2. Traditions for the Bride

    The main tradition that we tend to hear brides participate in is the classic;
    Something old
    Something new
    Something borrowed
    Something blue
    And in Scotland, a sixpence in her shoe.

    With each ‘something’ representing something significant; the bride’s ties to her family, her bright new future, something borrowed from a married friend for luck, and something blue as a sign of faith. The final line is sometimes left out, but it originated in Scotland, so we think it’s very important! The sixpence represents good fortune and prosperity for the new couple.It was also seen as good luck for the bride to have white heather hidden in her bouquet, to wear a ‘lucken booth’ (a brooch which tends to be passed down from the Mother’s family) and to have her feet washed. Traditionally, older and happily married women would wash and dry the bride’s feet the morning of her wedding… but I can’t see that becoming a trend again anytime soon!

  3. 3. Bagpipes

    Like the kilt, the bagpipes remain a strong tradition in Scotland and most weddings at Kinkell Byre have bagpipes playing for the arrival of the guests. Bagpipes create very beautifully distinct and heart-warming music, and sound amazing inside the Kinkell Byre venue thanks to our high ceilings!

  4. 4. The Scottish Quaich

    This has recently had a comeback. With humanist ceremonies becoming the most popular type of ceremony here in Scotland, couples are able to create a very versatile ceremony, adding in whatever traditions they want

    What is a Scottish Quaich?

    It’s pronounced similarly to the word ‘quake’ but with a softer ‘ch’ ending instead of the hard ‘k’. A Quaich is a two-handled shallow cup that traditionally would have been carved out of wood, but now tends to be silver or chrome, with Celtic engravings, but is always filled with whisky. It’s sometimes referred to as the ‘love cup’ as both the bride and groom take a handle each and drink from it. This symbolises the trust and bond between the couple toasting to their marriage. The Quaich would then be passed around the family, starting with the more important members.

  5. 5. Handfasting

    Again this is becoming a big trend, even more so this year. Handfasting is when the bride and groom each take a piece of their ‘clan’s’ tartan, and use it to tie their hands together to symbolise the joining of the couple. and their two families. This is where the phrase “tying the knot” comes from!

  6. 6. The Reception

    Surprisingly, food was never a big part of weddings in Scotland. Normally the family would all make something and it would be put in the middle of the dinner table for everyone to help themselves. A Scottish dish called stovies is something you still see at many weddings, which is made with potatoes, meat and gravy mashed up together and served with Scottish oatcakes (it tastes much better than it sounds and it is great for soaking up the alcohol).

  7. 7. The Wedding Cake

    It’s long been a Scottish wedding tradition that the wedding cake is made as soon as the couple announce their engagement. This would normally be a sweet fruitcake that is topped with brandy regularly and iced before the wedding. The cake would be made up of two tiers, the bottom for the wedding party and the top tier was always kept for the first child’s christening.


If you’re thinking about incorporating one or all of these traditions into your wedding ceremony at Kinkell Byre, the most important thing to remember is have fun with it! It’s your day and you make the rules. Not all of these traditions are something we expect to see a lot of, but just incorporating a few of them into your day will certainly make it feel a little more Scottish.

Posted: 29.11.17

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies at Kinkell Byre

Seaside Views at our Versatile Scottish Venue

Get married outdoors at Kinkell Byre, Scotland. Get in touch for a range of recommended suppliers

At Kinkell Byre we have an amazing ceremony room within the venue itself. The breath-taking starlight canopy, custom-built for us by the brilliant i-Light Productions, suits any type of ceremony in any season and leads your guests perfectly through the versatile venue from the ceremony room, to the reception area and dancefloor.

It’s no surprise that our unique Scottish barn venue is usually booked up well in advance but….


We are of course slightly biased, but I am sure many of you will agree that the view from outside Kinkell Byre is simply stunning and without a doubt one of the venue’s best features.

We have views right up the North East coast of Scotland with Arbroath, Stonehaven and as far as Cruden Bay visible on a clear day. Coupled with the unique microclimate we are blessed with here on the east coast of Fife, granting us as many sunny days as the south of England, it’s surprising we’re not seeing more garden ceremonies taking place!

The sea view is not the only advantage to an outdoor ceremony; your guests will all be positioned perfectly to sit back in awe and watch you arrive in style. Whether you are arriving in an elegant vintage car, a funky VolksWagen Campervan or, as we saw earlier this year, on a massive fire engine, a garden ceremony means that all your guests will see you coming down the winding road, and arriving at the top of the aisle.

What kind of Entertainment does an Outdoor Wedding have?

There are endless options for outside entertainment at our versatile location, and don’t worry, there’s plenty of space for you to take advantage of. Take your pick of the lawns, gardens, gravelled area, or maybe even the beach.

Surrounded by the fresh St Andrews air and lush greenery, it would be very fitting to tie it all together with some traditional, but powerful, Scottish music. A full Scottish Pipe Band would certainly get the blood pumping and ground your wedding in a little Scottish history; traditionally the bride and groom march to the sound of bagpipes as their first dance! There are a few solo pipers we’d recommend from working with them before, like Balmoral Piper, or St Andrews Piper, but if a full Scottish Pipe Band strikes your fancy, just get in touch and we might be able to suggest someone.

Or to go a little more modern and fun, why not hire circus performers to put on a show? Circus and Street Entertainers are becoming more popular as wedding entertainment, and could include anything from fire performances and sword swallowers, to balloon animal performers and stilt walkers. Warble Entertainment offer a pick-n-mix style of entertainment, so you can book your own unique mix of performers. If there are going to be a lot of children at your wedding, a brilliant option would be a circus workshop to keep the littl’uns entertained; they’ll have a ball learning how to juggle (but hopefully won’t be attempting to swallow any swords just yet!). And with our large grounds, the area is flexible enough to encompass a circus tent whilst keeping it separate from the rest of the celebrations so as not to take away from the scenery.

A more classic outdoor form of entertainment would be lawn games, like bowls, horseshoes, or croquet, all sure to get the families mingling and enjoying themselves. Activities are ideal for breaking the ice. A more unique lawn game these days is giant Jenga – you just need a pallet to sit them on, and you’re good to go!


You could create a smaller and more intimate ceremony in our sunny south-facing country garden, with a background of trees, greenery and the historic water tower. Our garden was recently referred to as “the secret garden”, the mythically rejuvenating garden from English literature, and they got it spot on. It’s tucked away on the grounds which really gives it a romantic storybook vibe; perfect for a magical ceremony.

Get in touch with us at Kinkell Byre to discuss how you want your wedding to look and feel, and we’d be more than happy to advise on the kind of decorations you might need, who we’d recommend, how to get the right look, etc. Kinkell Byre is a very versatile wedding venue, with even more versatile staff who are keen to create the wedding of your dreams!

Happy wedding planning!

Posted: 13.11.17

Christmas Weddings at Kinkell Byre

December is a magical time to get married

Christmas Weddings at Kinkell Byre – the most magical time to get married!

So far this year we have had two Christmas weddings here at Kinkell Byre and they have both been absolutely stunning.Continue Reading…

Posted: 12.12.16

Expect the unexpected was the slogan for this event, rather vague but it certainly suited the event.Continue Reading…

Posted: 02.12.16

Do you have guest who will need accommodation the night of your wedding?

St Andrews and surrounding areas are very popular tourist destinations and all year round, hotels tend to book up fast.

So that your guests can get the best options, send them SAVE THE DATE, with a list of accommodation at least a year in advance.

Posted: 14.10.15

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