Christmas Weddings at Kinkell Byre

December is a magical time to get married

Christmas Weddings at Kinkell Byre – the most magical time to get married!

So far this year we have had two Christmas weddings here at Kinkell Byre and they have both been absolutely stunning.

With a 25 foot Christmas tree welcoming your guests, lots of other trees adding plenty rustic greenery to each area and pretty upside down Christmas trees hanging from the rafters in the bar area. The decor is certainly taken care of and the guests are amazed when they enter the venue.

In December it is inevitable that it will be cold, maybe wet and possibly there might even be some snow so it is without a doubt a month where your day is best to be inside full stop. This is not bad thing here in Scotland; there is no need to have plan A and plan B like you would if you were having a Scottish summer outdoor wedding. So the planning in that respect is rather simple.

Here at Kinkell we have the space to have your entire wedding inside the Byre without having to go outside at any point. With separate areas being used at different points of the day meaning your guests are not in the same room for twelve or more hours.

Our heating is great and we can have the Byre nice and warm all day long. There are also lots of candles, warm lights and plenty of charm, which is also very fitting in the cold winter months.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you that a winter wedding is the most magical time to get married then have a look at the images below.

Posted: 12.12.16

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